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Wed Apr 21 22:13:04 UTC 2021

Dear CMC Members,

As was announced recently, Scott Burleigh will be stepping down from his position as Area Director of the SIS Area. There is now a need for a new SOIS AD. This email if a formal invitation for the CMC to nominate candidates for this position. Per CCSDS A02.1-Y-4, Organization and Processes for the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems, Section, general qualifications of an AD are:

"A candidate for selection as CESG chair, Area Director, or their deputies must have demonstrated the ability to function independently of his/her own agency's agenda and to be able to fairly lead the development of international consensus.

A candidate for selection as an AD (or deputy AD) must be recognized as leading technical expert in the field covered by that Area and must have extensive prior experience leading a specific standards development task within the CCSDS, such as having served as a WG chair or deputy chair."

Please note that the CCSDS procedures manual states that an AD and DAD cannot be from the same agency. Tomaso de Cola of DLR currently serves as SIS Deputy Area Director. A more formal statement about the role of the DAD, extracted from the Organization and Processes manual is listed below. It may be helpful to review this in considering candidates for this role.

Please submit you nominations for this position to the Secretariat by 21 May 2021. A brief summary of the candidates qualifications or a CV will be much appreciated.

Best regards,

Michael Blackwood
CCSDS Secretariat
mblackwood at asrcfederal.com<mailto:mblackwood at asrcfederal.com>
o: (301) 837-3901
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CCSDS A02.1-Y-4, Organization and Processes for the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems, April 2014 Area Director Responsibilities
An Area Director is responsible for the work done in his or her WGs, BOFs, and SIGs and is specifically responsible for the following:
a) being a member of the CESG as the single representative of the CCSDS technical Area;
b) screening all proposals to form new WGs that are brought forward by BOFs to make sure that they are supported by required documentation and their technical focus is vectored toward the goals and objectives of CCSDS;
c) making recommendations to the CESG concerning approval for the chartering and formation of WGs;
d) ensuring that CCSDS documents are properly categorized and that they embody the content and quality expected of documents of their type;
e) making recommendations to the CESG for the progression of WG documents as they approach key decision gates along the various document tracks;
f) demonstrating and certifying that formal review procedures have been properly followed prior to recommending the advancement of a document;
g) communicating the dates of CESG meetings to the WG, BOF, and SIG chairs so that they may schedule the completion of their work prior to this time;
h) notifying the WG, BOF, and SIG chairs as to how and when their work is to be presented to the AD for review;
i) deciding if Area meetings are to be held, and if so, setting the date, location, and agenda for each Area meeting (it is strongly recommended that periodic face-to-face co-located meetings of the WGs, BOFs, and SIGs in a particular Area should be held to maximize opportunities for cross-pollination of ideas);
j) chairing Area meetings, ensuring that every WG, BOF, or SIG presents its work in a satisfactory manner and that Area decisions are made through a process of consensus;
k) ensuring that all Area work follows the set of architectural principles agreed to by the CESG and is properly synchronized with work in other areas and with the smooth evolution of the large installed base of CCSDS-compatible mission-support infrastructure;
l) working with the WG, BOF, and SIG chairs to prepare detailed reports of overall status, progress and problems for presentation at CESG meetings (as necessary, the AD may request specific WG, BOF, or SIG chairs to attend CMC meetings to discuss difficult issues);
m) verifying that all Normative Track documents are subject to the proper process of formal agency review by the WG chair;
n) maintaining the Area master-tracking list of relevant specifications as they progress through the standardization tracks;
o) making recommendations to the CESG to reconvene a WG to refresh a standard that has been finalized and deployed into operational use, and for which the WG is no longer active;
p) making sure that technical cross-pollination occurs among the various WGs by seeking frequent opportunities to hold Area meetings; and
q) seeking opportunities to advertise and promulgate the work of the Area by alerting WG, BOF, and SIG chairs to opportunities to publish results or participate in relevant conferences.
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