[CESG] Two open CESG items

Shames, Peter M (US 312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Apr 14 23:16:05 UTC 2020

Dear Margherita,

I hope this note finds you all well.  As we are all working from home we are all also watching the news and hoping for the real signs of spring.  People back out in the street.  Still looks, in all reality, like it is going to be a while.

Meanwhile, perhaps we can make some progress on some open items that we can attempt to tackle electronically, via WebEx or whatever means.  In the last CESG telecon we did make good progress on a set of open items for the three SANA Yellow Books and the URN document, these are CESG-P-2020-02-001 through -004.  I am hoping we can move these to closure.  Would it be possible to schedule a follow up CESG session?  Without some sort of "forcing function" like that I am afraid that we will just continue to sit in limbo.

We also have the open issue relating to CESG-P-2019-12-002, the issue with the common approach to the handling of CCSDS 131.3-P-1.1, CCSDS Space Link Protocols over ETSI DVB-S2 Standard (Pink Sheets, Issue 1.1) and the rest of the related standards.  As I recall we discussed having a WebEx about that as well, after Gilles and I provided inputs.  I think that these have both been delivered.

I would prefer if we could dispose of the SANA materials before we return to this DVB-S2 issue, but I am open to tackling them in either order.  Were you going to schedule a CESG WebEx?

Best regards, and take care, Peter

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