[CESG] New CESG Polls

Barkley, Erik J (US 3970) erik.j.barkley at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Apr 14 21:44:59 UTC 2020

Dear CCSDS Secretariat,

Can the deadline for these polls be extended to at least April 17th?  

Best regards,

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Dear CESG Members,

Four new CESG polls have been posted to the CWE:

- CESG-P-2020-03-001 Approval to publish CCSDS 371.0-G-1, Application and Support Layer Architecture (Green Book, Issue 1)
- CESG-P-2020-03-002 Approval to publish CCSDS 133.1-B-3, Encapsulation Packet Protocol (Blue Book, Issue 3)
- CESG-P-2020-03-003 Approval to publish CCSDS 902.12-M-1, Cross Support Service Management-Common Data Entities (Magenta Book, Issue 1)
- CESG-P-2020-03-004 Approval to publish CCSDS 902.13-M-1, Abstract Event Definition (Magenta Book, Issue 1)

These polls can be accessed via the following link:


The closure date for these polls is 14 April 2020

NOTE TO CC RECIPIENTS:  Only Area Directors and Deputy Area Directors vote on CESG polls.

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