[CESG] Approach for virtual Technical Meetings to replace the CCSDS Spring Meeting in Huntsville

Margherita.di.Giulio at esa.int Margherita.di.Giulio at esa.int
Wed Apr 1 14:17:26 UTC 2020

Dear CESG colleagues,
as you meanwhile know, the Spring Meeting in Huntsville has been 
Together with the CMC, we are evaluating the possibility to run some sort 
of "remote" Technical Meetings, in replacement of the Spring Meeting.
In the CESG  teleconf tomorrow, I will spend the first few minutes to 
outline an approach,  to just trigger some  thinking on your side. 

The approach, which  entails some options, is the following:

1)  a virtual Plenary Meeting ( e.g. via Skype or zoom) for all 
participants looks unrealistic to do ( and it is not strictly needed).

2)  it should be possible to run a light version of the face-to-face 
Technical Meetings, by letting each Area/WG organise their remote work, 
with some flexibility.
The following options shall be considered:
2a) the WGs may/will schedule some sessions via Skype (zoom, or the like), 
during the already foreseen 5 days of the Spring Meeting ( i.e. 4 to 8 May 
2020), or
2b)  extended duration:  the WGs may/will schedule some sessions via Skype 
(zoom, or the like),  during a period of time of, say,  three weeks (say, 
from 4th to 22 May).

It is acknowledged, that some WGs may decide not to hold any remote 
session - due to e.g. too different time zones of the participants .
At completion of their activities, the WGs will provide their report  to 
the AD, as usual. 

3) A CESG Meeting via teleconf will be held after completion of the 
(remote) Technical Meeting, in replacement of the face-to-face CESG 
3a) in case option 2a) is taken, the CESG meeting will be held on 11 May, 
that is, on the date scheduled for the "real" CESG Meeting of Hunstville.
3b) in case option 2b) is taken, the CESG meeting will be held at the 
completion of the three-weeks Technical Meetings, that is,  at end of May.
The aim of the CESG Meeting is, as usual, to review the work done and 
prepare the Reports for the CMC

For your info : the CMC Meeting will be held via teleconf as well, 16 to 
18 June.
In that occasion, either the ADs or myself will preset the Area Reports, 
as usual.

Please glance through the options above, and start talking to your Working 
We will further address all the above tomorrow.
Kind regards,

Margherita di Giulio
Ground Station Systems Division
Backend Software Section (OPS-GSB)

European Space Agency ESA/ESOC
Robert-Bosch-Str. 5
D-64293 Darmstadt - Germany
Tel: +49-6151-902779
e-mail: Margherita.di.Giulio at esa.int

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