[CESG] [EXTERNAL] CESG Mid-term Telecon on 5th September - Introduction

Shames, Peter M (US 312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Sep 3 23:16:21 UTC 2019

Hi Margherita,

I suggest that we add an AI on Mario and Jonathan to discuss the status of negotiations on the SOIS / MOIMS interface.  This has been holding up the Yellow Book.

The other topic that has surfaced recently is how the WG are handling the creation of new registries, and the timing associated with this.  This has caused problems with a recent SPP update poll and more recently with a Nav WG poll.   We have a pretty clear policy and process, it is just not being followed.  To quote from some of the email traffic about the SPP issue:

"… during the CESG poll both Erik and I, separately, identified issues with the SANA Considerations section in the updated SPP document, CCSDS 133.0-P-1.1.  The SANA section, as written, is not an adequate description of the intended registry.  Furthermore, it appears that no one ever contacted the SANA Operator to review this registry nor to develop a suitable prototype.  Our CCSDS procedures, in the Org & Proc doc, A02x1y4, call for following the SANA Procedures in CCSDS 313.0-Y-2.  And that document, and the Registry Management Policy, both point to the CCSDS Working Group Procedures for SANA Registry Specification, CCSDS 313.2-Y-1 as the guide to what a WG must do to create or modify a registry.

What is blindingly clear is that these procedures were not followed and we now have a situation where a document that should be easily cleared for review and publication is not ready, the registry it calls for is not fully specified, and there is no draft/candidate registry, nor has the SANA Operator even been contacted.   This all violates CCSDS procedures."

There may be an issue in that there are three separate docs that must be looked at in order to understand both the policies and the procedures.  But it is also the case that we can just point all WG Chairs at the rather modest sized "CCSDS Working Group Procedures for SANA Registry Specification, CCSDS 313.2-Y-1" as the guide to what a WG must do.

Thanks, Peter

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Dear All,
in view of the CESG Mid-term Telcon on 5th September, I provide herewith some introduction about the topics that will be addressed.
The following Agenda has been proposed ( in the invite)

CESG Mid-term Telecon - AGENDA

1)        Introduction, report from CMC meeting about CESG-related topics
2)        A.I. on J.Wilmot: Notion of MIB, data formats (template) , commonality and possible relationship to other Areas (TBC).
3)        Status of other A.I.s  from the CESG Meeting
4)        Info about the Fall Meeting in Darmstadt
5)        AOB

Please let me know if you would like to add any AOB.

Concerning AGENDA Item 1), the CESG have received the list of CMC Resolutions and Actions from Michael Balckwood on 17 June (also attached to this e-mail, for your convenience).
Some Actions and resolutions are relevant to CESG.
Please have a look.
The following will be addressed during the Telecon:

a) Resolution  CMC-R-2019-06-04 (involvement of CCSDS on Lunar Gateway) I will report about the steps taken by CMC and  by IOAG
This action was generated following CESG request to "open a special channel between CCSDS and Gateway to discuss priorities on standards production and adoption by the Gateway". ( see MoM, AI/S19-5 MM)

b) A.I. CMC-A-2019-06-01 ( Agency Representatives to verify the frequency bands used by missions that have been assigned SCIDs ) this is  partially accomplished.
I will report from the CMC Telecon.
Peter, please contribute to this topic.

c) A.I.   •CMC-A-2019-06-05 The CMC asks that Peter Shames report to the CMC the process for reassigning SCID frequency bins.
and  A.I. •CMC-A-2019-06-06 The CMC asks Peter Shames to  report to the CMC when the SCID frequency bins in SANA have been updated.
Peter, please let us know about the status.

d) A.I.  CMC-A-2019-06-07 about adoption by Gateway of USLP and other standards --> I will report ( Wallace to contribute)

Concerning AGENDA Item 2),  from the CESG meeting in Mountain View, Jonathan is supposed to provide a presentation about the MIB for EDS and about potential commonality and relationship with the information models from other Ares ( F.R model in  CSS and network management in SIS).
 I assume he will provide such presentation during the Telecon (I have sent a reminder on 22 July)

Concerning AGENDA Item 3), Status of other  action items  from the CESG meeting. These are the A.I.s  related to "Deployment Scenarios for MO Services and Electronic Data Sheets" . AI/S19-6 PS, AI/S19-7 PS/MM/JW and AIS19-8 MM/JW
Mario, Peter, Jonathan at the Telecon please report on the progress.

Kind regards,

Margherita di Giulio
Ground Station Systems Division
Backend Software Section (OPS-GSB)

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