[CESG] [EXTERNAL] CESG Minutes of Meeting - Final version

Shames, Peter M (312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri May 24 18:57:49 UTC 2019

Dear Margherita,

I believe that you did a quite good job of dealing with somewhat contentious subject matter.  And I understand completely your approach.  To that end, and being mindful of what you stated below:

"Otherwise,  for the sake of fairness, all opinions and contributions by the participants to the discussion should be recorded "

I believe that there were significant statements made by both me and Mario that got left out of the discussion.  As a consequence, I am asking that the MoM be amended to include these significant statements, as shown in the attached.  As an example, it is clearly the case that I spent some significant time and effort to present the history, using images from the original SOIS / MOIMS MOU, and images from other more recent materials, to demonstrate that the whole concept of hard real-time systems and software, in the spacecraft on-board environment, had never even been acknowledged before.  This is key to understanding the limitations and constraints on any software intended to operate on-board, and it figured in Mario's statement that "MOIMS never intended to develop such real-time software."

In fairness, I would like the minutes to reflect these actual "opinions and contributions … to the discussion".

Thanks, Peter

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Dear All,
please find attached the final version of the CESG Minutes of Meeting.
I have included only comments that help  the understanding of the text.

Concerning the discussion about MO services and SOIS-defined on board services, I would like to recall that it is not in the scope of the Minutes of Meeting to record each and every sentence which contributed to the brainstorming .
The scope of  the Minutes of Meeting is to record the conclusion of the discussion and the way forward ( decisions and actions).
Otherwise,  for the sake of fairness, all opinions and contributions by the participants to the discussion should be recorded.

The technical discussion shall be resumed in the upcoming course of actions , and the (detailed) outcome shall become part of the technical documentation.

The MoM is also available at::

Kind regards,

Margherita di Giulio
Ground Station Systems Division
Backend Software Section (OPS-GSB)

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D-64293 Darmstadt - Germany
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