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Wilmot, Jonathan J. (GSFC-5820) jonathan.j.wilmot at nasa.gov
Mon Apr 1 13:31:24 UTC 2019

Dear Mario,

    The attached spreadsheet addresses the original conditions for the CESG-P-2019-02-002 Approval to publish CCSDS 876.0-B-1, Spacecraft Onboard Interface Services-XML Specification for Electronic Data Sheets  poll closed on February 26 2019. 

    The SOIS-APP WG has been respectfully considering your new comments received on March 28th, even though they were received  more than a month after the CESG poll closed. We expect to formally respond to the late comments after the working group meeting tomorrow (04/02/2019).  

New comment from MOIMS Area 
 1) The use of standard SOIS DoT entries for MOIMS standards is reasonable, the two WGs should therefore commit to making sure this happens. However, the current draft YB also has recommendations on EDS that have nothing to do with MOIMS, specifically:  Instead, lessons learned from this analysis should be fed back into the corresponding specification development processes, in order to improve areas where either is lacking in capability or excessively complicated.
For EDS, these could include:
a)  replacing the term 'namespace' with 'area', as that avoids confusion with XML namespaces; 
     SOIS response: The namespace term had already been replaced with "Package" well prior to the poll for CCSDS 876.0-B-1. The "Package" term is in the book distributed with the CESG  poll.  

b)  replacing the term 'interface instance' with 'port', for better compatibility with Universal Modelling Language (UML) 2.0, and avoiding the potential confusion between 'interface definition' and 'interface instance'; 
    SOIS response:  Under review

c)   replacing the 'mode' SYNC/ASYNC flag on parameters and commands with a Boolean value 'oneway', by analogy with Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA); this avoids overloading the term 'mode', also used for arguments. 
      SOIS response: Under review

For the above comments a, b, c it should be noted that these are taken directly for the unpublished draft MO SERVICES AND SOIS ELECTRONIC DATASHEETS CCSDS 870.10-Y-0 report being written by the CCSDS SEA Area that was distributed after the CCSDS 876.0-B-1 poll was initiated.  It should also be noted the CCSDS SEA Area did not raise the comments a,b,c above as conditions and has not raised them since.

   Kind regards,


Jonathan Wilmot

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