[CESG] CESG Mid--term telecon

Margherita.di.Giulio at esa.int Margherita.di.Giulio at esa.int
Tue Sep 4 08:51:06 UTC 2018


   Report from the CMC Telecon - in particular about the
   presentation/discussion on the SANA Registry
   Status of ICPA w.r.t SC#1 and SC#2
   Status of action within SLS about AOS Uplink concept parer/profile.
   Discussion on  TN about overlap of SM&C standard(s). Way forward.
   Glossary of Terms. Normative Information
   New WG Chair in D-DOR WG
   Document Status Queue
   CESG Polls with conditions not yet resolved. For the involved CESG
   members : please be prepared to report o that
   CESG Actions from CMC
   CCSDS Fall Meeting in Berlin

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