[CESG] SLS Comments about RID template in excel format

Gian.Paolo.Calzolari at esa.int Gian.Paolo.Calzolari at esa.int
Mon Mar 5 12:41:42 UTC 2018

Daer Margherita,
        here some SLS comments about the RID template in excel format 

As already mentioned to you, my personal opinion is that excel misses 
editorial (e.g. highlight, bold, etc.) and graphical possibilities. 
As well entering more than a short sentence in an excel box is not what I 
call comfortable. 
Then,  if we do not go to a really integrated RID system, also considering 
the volume of RIDs provided by each agency for a review we may better stay 
with the text/WinWord template. 

Additional comments here bellow.

1) I agree with your comments. The Secretariat could provide a summary 
report of each agency’s RIDs by creating this excel spreadsheet, so that 
an overview of the RIDs could be achieved with the exception that the 
entire text field of the RID would not need to be duplicated in the excel 
sheet report.
As a new format for RID entry, I also do not find the Excel format 
hospitable nor would it be useful for adding supportive text etc. 

2) talking as RFM WG chair, I would have severe problems with the Excel 
format suggested for RIDs. In our group we have formulas and pictures to 
handle and Excel is not good for that. My preference would be for a Word 
version in which equations with revision marks can be easily inserted.

3) several of us have difficulty with several of the NASA flight projects 
that have gone to excel for interface and other requirements.  We need 
figures and equations to be with the issue at hand.

Best regards

Gian Paolo

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