[CESG] CESG Report to CMC - Spring 2018

Margherita.di.Giulio at esa.int Margherita.di.Giulio at esa.int
Sun Apr 15 22:37:42 UTC 2018

Dear All, 
the CESG Report to CMC from each area will be presented and - if needed - 
discussed at tomorrow's meeting,
When ready, it shall be uploaded to the directory "CESG Report to CMC - 
May 2018" . 
As you know, this time we can take few more days, since the CMC Meeting 
will take place in May (14th May).
That report, however, shall be deliver to CMC one week before the meeting 
start, to allow  CMC members to glance through it.
So, please make sure that your Report gets uploaded by 2nd May at the 
latest, so that I have then a couple of days for assembling it with my 
part, and then delivering it on 4th May.
The url is:


Kind regards,

Margherita di Giulio
Data Systems Infrastructure Division (OPS-GI)

European Space Agency ESA/ESOC
Robert-Bosch-Str. 5
D-64293 Darmstadt - Germany
Tel: +49-6151-902779
e-mail: Margherita.di.Giulio at esa.int

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Thank you.

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