[CESG] CESG Poll Closure Reminder

CCSDS Secretariat thomas.gannett at tgannett.net
Mon Sep 11 10:00:00 UTC 2017

Dear CESG Members,

The closure date for the following polls is 14 September 2017:

- CESG-P-2017-08-005 Approval to publish CCSDS 
401.0-B-27, Radio Frequency and Modulation 
Systems—Part 1: Earth Stations and Spacecraft (Blue Book, Issue 27)
- CESG-P-2017-08-006 Approval to publish CCSDS 
522.1-B-1, Mission Operations Monitor & Control Services (Blue Book, Issue 1)
- CESG-P-2017-08-007 Approval to publish CCSDS 
524.2-B-1, Mission Operations—Message Abstraction 
Layer Binding to TCP/IP Transport and Split 
Binary Encoding (Blue Book, Issue 1)
- CESG-P-2017-08-008 Approval to publish CCSDS 
320.0-M-7, CCSDS Spacecraft Identification Field 
Code Assignment Control Procedures (Magenta Book, Issue 7)
- CESG-P-2017-08-009 Approval to publish CCSDS 
766.2-B-1, Voice and Audio Communications (Blue Book, Issue 1)
- CESG-P-2017-08-010 Approval to publish CCSDS 
881.1-B-1, Spacecraft Onboard Interface 
Services—RFID Tag Encoding Specification (Blue Book, Issue 1)

These polls can be accessed via the following link:


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