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The CSS Area portion of the CCSDS strategic plan has been updated. As there appears to be no ability to provide track changes I have provided the detailed changes in the tables below.

Best regards,

Table 1: Changes in CSS Area goals, in Red Font.  Modifications only. No new goals are requested/needed at this time.



Goal Text


No Change.

Define and maintain a reference architecture such that it is clear how the various (there are many) cross support standards are best organized, and that it provides guidance as to the requirements for putting these various standards together for achieving interagency cross support. ​Such an architecture needs to consider, for example, that a service such as telemetry is in fact composed of three major sub-services: space link data transfer, terrestrial data transfer, and off-line data maintenance. This architecture therefore addresses how the various standards involved are connected and further addresses the managements of these types of services (e.g., telemetry, telecommand, ranging, etc.) for inter-agency cross support. This needs to be addressed both in a traditional “single-hop” environment and a space internetworking environment.​


No change.

Establish the normative recommendation for a framework for terrestrial Cross Support Transfer Services (CSTS) and normative recommendations for the application of the framework to inter-agency terrestrial data transfer services. A key characteristic of this goal is that it shall be extensible and that it shall be clear for subsequent efforts as to how the extensibility is​​ to be performed.​


Minor update to clarify goal. Updates shown in red font.

​Establish the normative service management recommendations for data format definitions and management service for exchanges of information between a mission operations ground system and an agency TTC network.   A key characteristic of this goal is that the recommendations developed shall be extensible to incorporate management of future services (e.g., optical space links) as they become standardized. It shall be clear as to how the extensibility is to be performed.​  Data format definitions shall have higher priority such that they shall precede the management service definition.


No Change.

​Develop a normative adaptation profile recommendation to address bulk data transfers for inter-agency cross support, providing basic metadata definitions for normative identification and basic management of files typically transferred between agencies.​

Table 2 List of CSS Area changes re plan document types.

Document Type 1 -- Related CCSDS Technical Strategic Goals

No change.

Document Type 2 -- Existing Informational Reports and Experimental Specifications

1.       910.14-G-1 CCSDS 910.14-G-1 Space Communications Cross Support—Service  (To be Silver book)

Document Type 3 -- Existing Recommended Standards / Practices

1.       921.1-B-1 - CSTS Specification Framework
2.       922.1-B-1  - Monitored Data - Cross Support Transfer Service
1.       910.11-B-1 Space Communication Cross Support—Service Management—Service Specification  (To be Silver book)

Document Type 4 -- Informational Reports in Production and Experimental Specifications

No change.

Document Type 5 -- Recommended Standards / Practices Currently in Production

1.       902.9-B Cross Support Service Management -- Service Management Utilization Request Format (per conclusion of Fall 2015 meetings)
1.       921.1-B Cross Support Transfer Service—Specification Framework (now a Type 3 document)
2.       922.1-B Monitored Data—Cross Support Transfer Service (now a Type 3 document)
3.       902.3-B Cross Support Service Management: Trajectory Prediction Data Format (Project determined as not needed given NDM standard -- per Spring 2016 meeting).

Document Type 6 -- Future Work

1.       "Cross Support Service Management: Service Request and Service Package Data Formats (Blue Book)" to be 902.4-B Cross Support Service Management - Service Package Data Formats (per Fall 2015 meeting)
2.       "Potential Blue Book to formal specify Functional Resource Model (Compliment to XSupArch)" to be "Potential Magenta Book to formally specify Functional Resource Model (Compliment to XSupArch)" (Function Resource Model can only be a best practice, not an interoperable protocol, etc)
1.       Potential Magenta Book to formally define the Cross Support Service Management Framework. (The WG is already has tech note material to keep recommendation developments consistent).

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Dear all,

CMC has requested to have a review of the CCSDS Strategic Plan during the joint F17 CESG / CMC meeting.

Therefore, I kindly ask all ADs / DADs to update (if needed)

  1.  Area Goals

  1.  Area links, updating the docs either newly approved or  those at work approved since your last check
 at the latest by 10th Nov 2017


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