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Dear all,
This is just for information. As we have only 1.5 hrs fopr our webex 
tomorrow I am sending several items that will not be discussed tomorrow

An action was placed upon me wrt the CWE RID Tool
The CMC asks that the CESG Chair, Nestor Peccia, organize a meeting 
between the IT Support Team and the Agency Review Teams to discuss what 
modifications should be made to the RIDs system to make it a valuable 
resource for users.
The main idea was to enhance the current RID view of the "document 
currently in review" and the "recently completed reviews" allowing to 
display all RIDs received from all reviewers and not only the NASA ones. A 
request to add 1 or 2 columns to current view was submitted to the 
This would have improved the E2E overview of all RIDs submitted by all 
reviewers and the potential generation of reports showing statistics on 
one or all reviews. 

CMC decision (last webex on 22nd Sept 20187)
RIDS updates ? IT system developments were cancelled in favor of using 
excel spreadsheets. If approved, will close the online RIDS system for 
NASA also.
o   We will not be needing a meeting between agency review teams and the 
IT team due to this item.
RIDS template proposed will be sent to the CESG for review

CESG way forward
Once we receive the new template, it will be circulated to CESG-all for 

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