[CESG] CESG Omnibus Resolution for reconfirmation of different CCSDS books

Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Sun May 28 18:00:52 UTC 2017

Dear CCSDS Secretariat,

Please find attached the CESG resolution concerning an "omnibus" 
reconfirmation of several CCSDS books.  Please issue a CESG Poll asap, 
with due date of 11th June 2017, to concur with these reconfirmations, 
such that the CMC can approve them during its meeting at St Petersburg, 



CESG-R-2017-05-001  Request of "omnibus"reconfirmation of several SEA, 
MOIMS, CCS, SLS and SIS documents

The CCSDS Engineering Steering Group,


The CESG has reviewed the status, relevance, and utility of the following 
books, concluding that
These documents have been regularly downloaded from the CCSDS website and 
are widely used by a variety of projects, and that
The CESG has agreed that these documents have continuing value.


The CCSDS Policies for documents requires that CCSDS they undergo a 
periodic review within the Areas (Sec 6.2.7) to approve reconfirmation, 
revision, or retirement, and that
This review has been done by the AD/DAD and they recommend their 

RESOLVES to request:

That the Secretariat create the necessary poll for the CESG to review and 
concur in the reconfirmation of the following documents

System Engineering Area
301.0-B-4 Time Code Formats
Mission operations and Information Management Systems
644.0-B-3 The Data Description Language EAST Specification 
661.0-B-1 XFDU Structure and Construction Rules  
Cross Support Service Area
910.2-G-1 Standard Terminology, Conventions, and Methodology (TCM) for 
Defining Data Services
910.3-G-3 Cross Support Concept?Part 1: Space Link Extension Services 
914.1-G-1 Space Link Extension?Application Program Interface for Transfer 
Services?Summary of Concept and Rationale 
914.2-G-2 Space Link Extension?Application Program Interface for Transfer 
Services?Application Programmer's Guide 
Space Internetworking Services
714.0-B-2 Space Communications Protocol Specification (SCPS)?Transport 
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