[CESG] Resolution SIS-G-2017-05-001: Approval to release CCSDS 730.2-G-1, Streaming Services Over Bundle Protocol Requirements, for CCSDS Engineering Steering Group review and publication

Burleigh, Scott C (312B) scott.c.burleigh at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue May 2 17:57:55 UTC 2017

Hi.  The following resolution has been approved by SIS.



The Space Internetworking Services Area,

CONSIDERING that the Motion Imagery and Applications Working Group is chartered to develop a Green Book documenting the requirements for using the Bundle Protocol for CCSDS (CCSDS 734.2-B-1) to support streaming applications (including video and possibly voice), and documenting existing approaches to and results of using BP to support streaming,

RECOGNIZING that the attached Draft Green Book represents the consensus of the working group for such a document, therefore

RESOLVES to submit this Motion Imagery and Applications Draft Green Book for CCSDS Engineering Steering Group review and publication.
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