[CESG] [Cesg-all] IOAG Recommendations on Preferred Coding and Modulation Schemes: Draft for Information

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I found this email in my archives. I do not recall that there was any discussion or conclusion with regard to the IOAG recommendations on coding and modulation schemes. Was there ever any follow-up? As far as I can tell by looking at the agenda and notes from the CESG spring 2016 meeting this was never addressed. Has IOAG made any updates toward a final version? My main reason for asking is to know if the CSS Area should look at this vis-à-vis it's functional resource model.

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Dear all.

please find below what I received from the IOAG-CCSDS liaison.

I would like to ask the related WGs to disciuss it during the next technical meeting at Cleveland.

If a WG can submit in advance consolidated and "in consensus" comments, please do it . It is welcome


Dear Nestor,

please find attached a draft version of the Preferred Coding and Modulation Schemes to be considered by the CCSDS. The approved version should be available for the next telecon in April. If you already have some comments on the draft version please provide them to Les and Gian-Paolo as soon as possible so that an update will still be possible.



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