[CESG] RID on CCSDS 320x0p61

Biggerstaff, Craig (JSC-CD221)[Leidos Innovations Corporation] craig.biggerstaff at nasa.gov
Fri Jun 16 20:08:33 UTC 2017

I concur.  You have a plan in mind for dealing with USLP, and that’s all I was fishing for.

Best regards,


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Subject: RID on CCSDS 320x0p61

Hi Craig,

I've just gotten done processing all of the RIDs on the SCID assignment procedure, CCSDS 320x0p61.  After I got done with all the ones I was sent I went looking to see if I had missed any and found yours.  I re-framed it in the standard RID form.

I'm also attaching what I think is the final form of the document after making the agreed changes from dispositioning all the RIDs.

Please let me know if you concur.

Thanks, Peter

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