[CESG] Future of SIS / SOIS Areas

Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Sat Jun 10 13:43:06 UTC 2017

Dear all,

I will present the following VG to the CMC for awareness and reflection 
during the next 4 months. It is my personal view. I welcome your views in 
the next 2 or 3 days in order to improve its presentation

I am not asking for solutions. We will have discussions at CESG level in 
the next webexs.to reflect on this

I am only asking for comments on the current / near term  facts 

Personal View of CESG Chair
SIS Voice WG to be disbanded
SIS MIA has limited work in the future (new Project to be approved in near 
SIS CFDP WG to be disbanded (it is still alive due to lack of ESA 
resources during 2017)
SIS DTN WG is the only SIS WG with several Projects

SOIS APP WG has limited work in the future
SOIS SNW to be disbanded after all MB completed the 5 year review
SOIS WIR is defining its future (ISS support to future standards?)

CESG / CMC to discuss this during the next 4 months in order to have a 
reflection during the joint CESG / CMC Fall 2017 meeting 
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