[CESG] Vocabularies, Glossaries for the Spacecraft Ground Systems Domain

Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Wed Feb 22 20:24:40 UTC 2017

   As CESG Chair I am against to respond to the OMG RFI
    Under pressure
    I do not like this type of private mails without involving our liaison.
    If OMG is really interested in our work, they can delay the FRI due date by 1 or 2 months. 
    Or they can go ahead without us. The world will not break apart, unless there are other type of interests (not known to me)
    As there is no consensus, we must wait until the issue  is discussed at CESG and CMC level. 
    And the exchange of info shall be via the liaison. Please tell the US OMG colleagues to follow the liaison signed document
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  On 22 Feb 2017, 19:15:06, peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov wrote:
  From: peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
  To: Nestor.Peccia at esa.int, Mario.Merri at esa.int, cesg at mailman.ccsds.org
  Date: 22 Feb 2017 19:15:06
  Subject: FW: Vocabularies, Glossaries for the Spacecraft Ground Systems Domain
    FYI – 
    It seems that the OMG wants us to submit a response to their vocabulary RFI. 
    I have not done this, but I really think we should. 
    I also think we need to ask the OMG to have a liaison meeting so that we can resolve all of these overlap issues. 
    Cheers, Peter 
     From:  Brad Kizzort <bkizzort at harris.com> Date: Wednesday, February 22, 2017 at 9:54 AM To: Peter Shames <peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov> Cc: "Luis Rodriquez (luis at amergint.com)" <luis at amergint.com>, Jon Siegel <siegel at omg.org> Subject: Vocabularies, Glossaries for the Spacecraft Ground Systems Domain  
    I have been corrected in my understanding of the OMG RFI response process. 
    OMG needs a direct response from CCSDS to the Vocabularies, Glossaries, or Ontologies for the Spacecraft Ground Systems Domain RFI sent to: 
    rfi-responses at omg.org 
    I have discussed the form of the response with Andrew Watson (OMG staff), and he agrees that an email with the terms.xml as an attachment, along with a cover letter containing the website link and permission for limited distribution to OMG members for evaluation is all that is required.  I was able to download the terms.xml, but I can’t forward it for you because I am not the copyright holder and can’t grant permission to distribute. 

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