[CESG] IOAG: Information required from CCSDS

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There is some information available.  Below are the links to the information that is currently readily available.

The draft project definition is in the CWE management framework and can be retrieved via:

A preliminary draft of the recommendation is available via (CWE login required):

Please note that this draft is now two years old and there has of course been a lot of work done on the CSTS specification framework and we are also continuing to discuss the recommendation within the CSS area. Nonetheless I do believe it will help to convey a starting point for discussion with the IOAG. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have further questions.

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Subject: IOAG: Information required from CCSDS

Erik and Margherita

I, as CCSDS liaison to IOAG until end 2017, got the following request from IOAG

We have created the following action within the IOAG:
I 21-30: SCWG to analyze the need to update the SC#1 and/or SC#2 to introduce considerations on security or needs for new services such as CSTS Service Control  or Electronic Data Sheets. Assigned to: SCWG. Due date: 19 January 2018.
In order to be able to judge the relevance of the CSTS Service Control  standard we need more details (basically there is no public information available).

I would appreciate if you can let me have the info related to the CSTS Service Control. The need of considering this CCSDS Projet in the IOAG SCs was highlighted in our joint CMC-IOAG meeting in Darmstadt.


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