[CESG] Resolution SIS-B-2017-08-001: Approval to release CCSDS 766.2-R-1, Voice and Audio Communications, for CCSDS Engineering Steering Group review and publication

Burleigh, Scott C (312B) scott.c.burleigh at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Aug 4 01:22:37 UTC 2017

Hi.  The following resolution has been approved by SIS.



The Space Internetworking Services Area,

CONSIDERING that the Voice Working Group is chartered to develop a Blue Book of Mission Voice Communications  if requirements dictate that a further evolution of standards is required to accommodate the needs of voice communications in support of human spaceflight,

RECOGNIZING that the attached specification represents the consensus of the working group for such a document,

FURTHER RECOGNIZING that the attached specification has been approved by Agency Review and has been tested for interoperability, now therefore

REQUESTS that the CCSDS Secretariat initiate polling to release the attached specification as a CCSDS Blue Book.
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