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Nestor, look

In general the text re liaisons looks good.  I do have two comments:

1)      The text states liaisons are really only possible for non-commercial standards developing organizations (SDO) ("Liaison status is open to non-commercial, standards-developing organizations operating in areas similar to those of the CCSDS").  What constituents non-commercial here?  I believe that OMG charges a fee to be part of that organization.  Is this commercial?  If the SDO is determined to be commercial why would CCSDS not be allowed to be have a liaison relationship?  Or would they have to have some other status such as "affiliate"?  In which case, would there not still be the need for some sort liaison type activity?

2)      The text seems to be rather uni-directional. I would expect a fuller write-up to indicate the liaison reporting to CESG/CMC *and* reporting back to the SDO re CESG/CMC decisions.  The later part appears to be missing.


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Dear all,

Please let me know your comments by mid April 2017 at the latest


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Hi Nestor,

As promised, here is a draft for updating CCSDS liaison section.  Once CESG agreed with the language then it will come to CMC for review and approval.

Thank you,


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