[CESG] Fw: CCSDS request to IOAG to add an OID to each RF asset

Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Tue Nov 1 17:04:28 UTC 2016

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From:   Nestor Peccia/esoc/ESA
To:     Michael Schmidt/esoc/ESA at ESA
Cc:     "Tai, Wallace S\(JPL-9000\)[Jet Propulsion Laboratory]" 
<wallace.s.tai at jpl.nasa.gov>
Date:   28/10/2016 15:45
Subject:        CCSDS request to IOAG to add an OID to each RF asset


The CMC has resolved to request the IOAG via its liaison the following

IOAG is requested to add an explicit, unique, OID (object identifier) to 
each of the RF Assets that they register. CCSDS can then unambiguously 
connect the IOAG info to the CCSDS sites & apertures database info. 


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