[CESG] SEA-R-2016-05-001: Request to CMC for SAWG Deputy co-chair nominees

Shames, Peter M (312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri May 6 20:04:34 UTC 2016

Dear CCSDS Secretariat,

Please find attached the SEA resolution concerning the request for CCSDS Agency HoD propose candidates for the SEA System Architecture WG deputy chair.

Thanks, Peter


SEA-R-2016-05-001  Request CCSDS Agency HoD to propose SAWG Deputy WG Chair

The System Engineering Area,


The SAWG has discussed nominating a Deputy WG Chair, and that
None of the existing SAWG Members have any objection to this, and that
None of the existing members have indicated that they have the time or support to perform this duty.


The CCSDS Agency Heads of Delegation (HoD) are responsible for providing resources for Working Groups, and that
The CCSDS Organization and Processes (A02.1-Y-4 cor 2) in Section requests that and AD ask the CMC for nominees, and that
The CMC is to be given two weeks to reply.

RESOLVES to request:

That the Secretariat create the necessary CMC poll to ask  all of the agency HoD to propose candidates for the position of SEA SAWG Deputy WG Chair, and that
The CMC be given two weeks to respond to this request.

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