[CESG] SOIS Resolution on SUBNET 5-year Magenta Book review

Barton, Richard J. (JSC-EV111)[Jacobs Technology, Inc.] richard.j.barton at nasa.gov
Thu Jul 21 16:10:43 UTC 2016

Dear Brian,

Please find attached a resolution form me as Acting SOIS AD for the CESG and CMC to be polled to approve the 5-year review of the SUBNET Magenta Books.

Thank you,

Dr. Richard Barton, Ph.D.
Wireless Communication Engineer
NASA Johnson Space Center
2101 NASA Parkway,
Mail Code EV014
Houston, TX 77058
281-483-1444 (office)
713-818-4076 (cell)
richard.j.barton at nasa.gov

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