[CESG] Draft Notes of CESG webex on 5th Dec 2016

Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Mon Dec 5 17:29:15 UTC 2016

Please comments by 5th Dec cob
MOIMS Telerobotics WG Status  (Mario)
There is no major progress. CSA contacted, but answer yet. CNES is 
interested but no resources. ESA has interest.
If no positive feedback (i..e. 3 resources for BB) is received by end 
April 2017, the CESG Chair recommends to disband the WG
Overlaps with OMG SDTF (Mario)
M. Merri and John Siegel are the liaison between CCSDS and OMG.
OMG meeting in Chicago on Sept 2016 addressed some recommendations for new 
proposed standards that can overlap with CCSDS CSS SM, SEA Glossary, MO 
Services and DAI WG  (e.g. parameter distribution, data product 
distribution, satellite ops data archive, display page info exchange, 
alarm / event interface, Ground Glossary). GMSEC is also being proposed as 
an OMG standard. MOSSG Chairs presented some relationship wrt OMG 
standardisation approach during the lasrt physical IOAG meeting.
GMSEC will also be discussed at an evening session on EGS at GSAW 2017.
Action: NP to check materials presented by MOSSG at the last IOAG meeting 
in Montreal, Canada; and distribute it accordingly.
Action: MM to contact OMG for details on these potentially overlapping 
NP will present at GSAW 2017 "CCSDS can not be ignored when looking beyond 
the horizon". He will request some ADs support during Feb 2017. 
Presentation of CSS Functional Resource Model (Erik / Margherita)
EB presented the FRM (see attachment). 
EB to issue a Doodle by 12th Dec 2016 to all relevant WG chairs (mainly 
within the SLS, SIS and SEA Areas) to have a webex during Feb 2017.
Next CESG webex will be during February 2017. NP will issue a Doodle.

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