[CESG] Proposed Agenda for CESG webex on 5th Dec 2016

Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Thu Dec 1 07:43:38 UTC 2016

Dear all,

Please find below the proposed Agenda:(and let me k now if you have 
additional items) 

MOIMS Telerobotics WG Status  (Mario)
Overlaps with OMG SDTF (Mario)
Presentation of CSS Functional Resource Model (Erik / Margherita)
Interoperability YB for cloud based tests (Gilles)

I took out of the Agenda
"Document Status Queue" because it is very simple (please take a view to 
the last version that Tom uploaded in CWE)

Books delivered to Secretariat for issuing a CESG Poll
CCSDS 523.2-R-0, Mission Operations Message Abstraction Layer?C++ API 
(Proposed Red Book) 8/18/2016 
CCSDS 522.2-R-0, Mission Operations?Mission Data Product Distribution 
Services (Proposed Red Book) 11/15/2016
CCSDS 880.0-G-2.1, Wireless Network Communications Overview for Space 
Mission Operations (Draft Green Book) 3/29/2016
CCSDS 140.1-G-0, Real-Time Weather and Atmospheric Characterization Data 
(Draft Green Book) 4/7/2016
CCSDS 413.1-G-0, Simultaneous Transmission of GMSK Telemetry and PN 
Ranging (Draft Green Book) 6/27/2016
and down in the Table
CCSDS 902.1-B-0, Cross Support Service Management?Simple Schedule Format 
Specification (Draft Blue Book) 7/30/2015, due to additional updates found 
during the real interoperability tests between JPL and ESOC
"Polls with conditions not yet resolved" because there are none. 
(according to my limited overview in this subject) 

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