[CESG] Possible overlaps with OMG SDTF

Mario.Merri at esa.int Mario.Merri at esa.int
Tue Aug 16 08:53:25 UTC 2016

Dear CESGers,

apparently I am the liaison with OMG Space Domain Task Force - SDTF - (it 
is not clear to me who covers the same position on OMG side). Please find 
a link to the work priorities of the SDTF (
http://www.omgwiki.org/space/doku.php?id=space_rfps), which I also report 
at the bottom for your convenience. The information available is very 
sketchy, but my first take on their priorities is:

Ground Data Delivery Interface: possible overlap with CSS/CSTS, MO M&C 
Service and Data Product Distribution Service
Satellite Operations Data Archive: possible overlap with DAI and MO COM 
Archive Service
Display Page Information Exchange: no evident overlap
Engineering Level Interface Specification: possible overlap with CSS/CSTS, 
MO M&C Service
Alarm and Event interface: possible overlap with CSS/CSTS, MO M&C Alert 
and Event Services
Glossary of Ground System Terms: possible overlap with SEA glossary

I would like to ask your opinion on the above and your suggested way 
forward. Certainly, the first step should be to get more information.

Best regards,


============From OMG WebSite)==================
Space DTF RFPs 
The following RFPs are being developed for future publication. This list 
is in the current task force priority. There are many existing 
recommendations/specifications/standards related to the proposed RFPs, for 
example, SLE, PAIS, GMSEC, and DDS, but there is interest by the SDTF 
industry participants in a focused specification for interoperability of 
products and information exchange. Compatibility with existing standards 
will be addressed in the RFP, and are usually described in the RFP as a 
platform-specific model (PSM) requirement. 
1.      Ground Data Delivery Interface (interface model for a Front-End 
Processor including encryption, providing/sending packets/frames). Current 
working draft
2.      Satellite Operations Data Archive (interface model for satellite 
housekeeping telemetry and operations data archive)
3.      Display Page Information Exchange (Describe grouping and 
formatting of telemetry items for telemetry pages)
4.      Engineering Level Interface Specification (interface model for 
providing real-time telemetry and accepting command requests from ground 
system applications)
5.      Alarm and Event interface
6.      Glossary of Ground System Terms (definition of terms for SDTF 
specifications and relationship to terms used in other space communities)
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