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Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Fri Apr 22 12:05:39 UTC 2016

Thanks for the questions

The response to your questions is : 
It depends on AD feedback, time available to update presentation, etc. 
Otherwise your questions will be responded in real time.

On your questions to the CESG Chairs

Sometimes the report looks like an area report to the CESG and the 
questions raised to the CESG are not answered in the same presentation.
This makes the messages to the CMC unclear as there is no evidence of an 
issue or no issue beyond what can be read in the slides: some examples in 
the detailed comments below but there are more cases?
You are making, from my humble point a view, a wrong interpretation of the 
findings presented by the CESG report. Our report is not only conclusive, 
but also informational.
Some Area's request needs further discussion in future CESG's webex to 
reach a consensus.
We have agreed to produce a new template for the presentation, and there 
we can separate the final findings as 
CESG decisions
CESG issues under internal discussion
issues to CMC and outside the CESG decision making power.

Slide 3
- Will the CESG request that the replacement of SOIS AD and DAD is 
discussed at this CMC ? 
No. It was agreed to discuss this during the October CMC. We are 
suggesting that Rick can continue his support until Oct 2016

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