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The answers to the DLR questions/comments related to the SOIS Area are given below. I will make changes to the presentation to clarify.

Page 60: Is the HDR-WLAN Blue Book the Wireless Local Area Network Blue Book mentioned in the CWE? HDR is staying for?
Yes. It is the same book. HDR stands for high data-rate, which is probably more applicable to Book #1 than to Book #2. I will remove the HDR.
Page 60: As SC14 is looking on launchers as well, was there a check that there is no overlap with SC14 work?
Not yet, but the whole point of having DLR, JAXA, and ESA approve resources for this book development is to make sure that within each agency, such overlaps are discovered and either leveraged or eliminated from the WIR book effort.
Thanks for the questions.
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Dear all,

please see attachment with DLR comments

If we need to update the presentation, please update only the required charts and send it to me as attachment to a mail

I will then consolidate all inputs.


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