[CESG] SEA-R-2016-04-003, Request CCSDS Agency HoD and Spectrum Managers to provide actual spectrum allocations for active spacecraft

Shames, Peter M (312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Apr 19 16:39:17 UTC 2016

Dear CCSDS Secretariat,

Please find attached the SEA resolution concerning the request for CCSDS Agency HoD and spectrum managers to provide actual spectrum allocations for active spacecraft.  This was discussed and agreed during the recent CESG meeting.  The motivation is to ensure that we have accurate information to use to assign spacecraft to frequency bins.

Thanks, Peter


SEA-R-2016-04-003  Request CCSDS Agency HoD and Spectrum Managers to provide actual spectrum allocations for active spacecraft

The System Engineering Area,


The CESG has discussed the proposal to increase available Spacecraft ID (SCID) namespace, and that
The number of available SCIDs, particularly for Type 2 (AOS) has reached a critical point where only two are unallocated, and that
The CESG believes that the creation of a set of frequency bins for allocation of SCIDs will alleviate this problem by significantly increasing the usable namespace, and that
The SANA Operator has determined that only 30% of the currently identified frequency assignments in the SCID registry are accurate, and that
The allocation of spacecraft to frequency bins requires accurate knowledge of current spacecraft frequency use.


The CCSDS Agency Heads of Delegation (HoD) are responsible for providing access to required agency information, and that
Each agency's Spectrum Manager must have accurate information about the operating frequencies for each of their spacecraft.

RESOLVES to request:

That the Secretariat create the necessary CMC poll to require all of the agency HoD with registered spacecraft supply the operating frequencies (or frequency bins) for their active spacecraft, and that
The agency HoD request the accurate information from their Spectrum Managers.

The proposed frequency bins, aligned with the IEEE definitions, are these:

0.003 to 0.03 GHz


0.03 to 0.3 GHz


0.3 to 1 GHz


1 to 2 GHz


2 to 4 GHz


4 to 8 GHz


8 to 12 GHz


12 to 18 GHz


18 to 27 GHz


27 to 40 GHz


40 to 75 GHz


75 to 110 GHz

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