[CESG] Fw: FSA proposal to CCSDS. Unmanned Spacecraft Flight Safety & Collision Avoidance System

Moury Gilles Gilles.Moury at cnes.fr
Fri Oct 2 16:17:37 UTC 2015

Dear Nestor and CESG members,

Please find hereafter, Brigitte’s and my remarks regarding the Russian proposal for Collision Avoidance System standards :

-          The proposed system deals with an on-board automated Collision Avoidance System (CAS) between controlled and cooperative satellites. This is of very limited benefit since the vast majority of close approaches and therefore collision risks are between a controlled satellite and a debris. The most recent collision (Iridium-Cosmos) illustrates this.

-          Besides, the feasibility of this fully automated on-board CAS is highly questionable since it would require:

o   Proper anticipation of upcoming close approaches which is mandatory and is based on proper screening of ground-based orbital objects catalogs

o   In-orbit ranging with very high relative velocity

o   In-orbit exchange of orbital parameters, orbit models and planned maneuvers

o   On-board precision orbit propagation

o   On-board collision avoidance manoeuver decision & determination (the automation of this function is unrealistic)

In summary, the proposed system and related standards are of limited usefulness and doubtful feasibility. On the contrary, CCSDS Collision Data Message (CDM) is widely used by satellite operators to perform collision avoidance from the ground.

Best regards,

Brigitte & Gilles

Gilles MOURY
CNES Toulouse
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Objet : [CESG] Fw: FSA proposal to CCSDS. Unmanned Spacecraft Flight Safety & Collision Avoidance System

to be discussed in the next webex

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Subject:        FSA proposal to CCSDS. Unmanned Spacecraft Flight Safety & Collision Avoidance System

Good day, Nestor,

On behalf of FSA, we would like to propose CESG and CMC to consider a new project, which I told on CMC meeting in Japan. This project concerns the development of Collision Avoidance System (CAS) and it is proposed that standards will cover the automatic control over spacecraft orbital motion in case of expected or detected hazardous proximity for all spacecraft types. This project becomes actual at present time and especially at closest future in conditions of space debris increasing  on the orbits.

We hope that this project will be interesting for all agencies participating in CCSDS.

And we would be very glad to present it more detailed to CCSDS on WG meeting on Darmstadt.

I enclose a prepared Concept Paper and Presentation of this project.

We will wait for the answer with impatience,

Best regards,

Dmitry S. Barannikov,

Head of Department “International Standards”,

The Secretary of the Russian delegation in CCSDS and ISO TC20/SC13.

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