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This is what I have in my notes from yesterday as well, with one significant difference.

SEA does not agree with limiting the item 2b to just leveling the CCSDS Glossary.  We believe that what is needed is to develop an ontology approach, which includes both the clarification of the terms and also the accurate description of the relationships among terms.  This was stated clearly during discussion yesterday and there was no rebuttal, so I take that as agreed.

I will also note that at this point it appears that there are only allocated resources for the CCSDS Reference Architecture, and it is not clear if there is even an allocation that is meaningful beyond the initial set of “cartoons”.  Clarifications of this are required, but I assume that will occur during CMC approval.

Regards, Peter

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Subject: SEA SAWG CESG Issues 20Oct15+GPC-v1.xlsx

        here are the replies to your comments on SLS conditions.
In general I do not want to reopen discussion as I am fine with the conclusions we reached at CESG and that I understand to be those listed by Mario as follows:
1.        The final agreement was to go ahead with the WG, but to limit the scope of the work to the following items:
a.        CCSDS Reference Architecture
b.        CCSDS SANA Registries
c.        RASDS refresh (only the refresh).
2.        The other items in the original list may be entered as draft projects (i.e. need specific approval to start), they are:
a.        CCSDS XML standards
b.        CCSDS Glossary
c. RASDS full update.

So please use the attached reply just to remark SLS AD position.


Gian Paolo

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