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Shames, Peter M (312B) peter.m.shames at jpl.nasa.gov
Sat Mar 7 04:59:04 UTC 2015

In response to Nestor's request:

- Use of term Expert Groups in Areas and Project Development
(clarification needed before webex)

The term "expert group" was specifically introduced in the XML Namespace Policy document (CCSSDS 315x1y0), but it probably has broader potential applicability:

"This document defines a CCSDS XML Expert Group to review the requests. This group is composed of XML experts nominated by the CESG with no pre-determined terms. CESG may choose to change the group as it see fits."

The SANA YB (CCSDS 313x0y1) also introduced the term of a "designated expert" for a registry:

"designated expert. The expert for that registry is assigned by the CESG based on the WG recommendation"

The intent, in both of these instances, was to identify an expert, or group of experts, who would have continuing cognizance over the management of some CCSDS resource (XML namespace, SANA registry) in the absence of the WG that created it.  Since not all WG persist for long periods of time identifying a mechanism for continuing management seemed appropriate.  In both of these cases the origin of the Expert (Group) was a WG (or SIG), but the responsibility for assigning and managing responsibility rests with the CESG.   The CESG is the CCSDS technical engineering organization and it is a persistent entity, it will exist even if individual WG, or even Areas, cease to exist.

SEA recommends recognition of an entity called an "Expert Group", with the following characteristics:

  *   Created at request of a WG, SIG, or Area
  *   Creation is approved by the CESG
  *   Role is to provide long term curation or management for one or more registries
  *   Registries are managed in the SANA, Expert Group supports SANA operations of the registry
  *   Membership and chair proposed by the creating group and approved by the CESG
  *   Membership is required to have expertise in the technical topic that is the subject of the registry
  *   Expert Group may be disbanded by the CESG

It is expected that the Expert Group will operate using electronic communications such as email or the occasional telecons, as needed.

Regards, Peter

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