[CESG] SOIS Plenary Session in Pasadena - call for participation

chris.taylor at esa.int chris.taylor at esa.int
Wed Feb 18 12:54:25 UTC 2015

Dear all, I would like to provide a heads up for the SOIS area meetings in
Pasadena next Month.
There are many changes afoot and new work being proposed so we have decided
to hold a plenary session for most of Monday directly following the
registration and introductory remarks.

It is important that everyone attends this meeting not only to understand the
new roles but also to contribute to potential future work. A draft agenda
follows (TBC by presenters) but the forum is open for additional
contributions. We encourage anyone that wants to present to contact myself or
Jean-Francois Dufour..

Draft Agenda For SOIS Plenary Monday 23rd March

Overview including personnel changes 		Chris Taylor

Overview and Status of SOIS APPS WG		WG Chair

      Why we need a dictionary of terms?			Raymon Krosley AFRL

      SOIS architecture adoption				Felice Torelli ESA

      SIOS  Subnetwork 5 year review 			??

      Rapid I/O mapping to SOIS 				Charles Collier AFRL

Overview and Status of SOIS Wireless WG		WG chair

	RFID blue book update				Pat Fink

	High Speed wireless					WG Chair

Time Triggered SIG/BOF Brainstorming 		Rick Barton

(Question: is there a need to address the emerging critical traffic-oriented
onboard communication developments within CCSDS? If so, what areas should be
tackled and what resources do we require?)

      TTE SAE standard					Glen Rakow/Charles Sheehe?

	TTE at ESA						Jean-Francois Dufour ESA

      TTE Message exchange protocols 			Johnathan Wilmot NASA ?

      Space fibre						Martin Suess ESA


Wrap-up and conclusions				All

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