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I am looking for some opinions. Was hoping either the Secretariat or CESG could provide some inputs.  A couple years ago (prior to “Draft” projects) we implemented resource alerts, so that when an agency is changed for a project’s Book Editor, Prototype 1, or Prototype 2; the new CMC Rep and Previous CMC Rep are alerted.  I have included example of an alert at the bottom of this e-mail.

There are two current issues with the Resource Alerts:

ISSUE 1) The Alerts are the same for both “Draft" and “Approved" projects.  It’s confusing when a CMC Member get an alert for a “Draft" project.
The alerts need to be rewritten, so that either
   a) No alerts are sent when the project is in “Draft” Status.  The CMC votes on the resources when the project goes to Polling…or
   b) The text simply needs to be rewritten for “Draft” resource alerts.

ISSUE 2) For some of the projects, the alerts go into a loop and resends the alert over-and-over.

Before we correct these issues, I would like to get everyones opinion on these alerts.  Are they required anymore?  These alerts were implemented prior to the “Draft” status being implemented, and may now be a relic.  I think an easier fix would be to do the following:
1) Turn off the resource alerts for both “Draft" and “Approved” projects.
2) Allow the “Draft” project resources area to remain editable (this is how it currently works)
3) Make the “Approved” project resources area “read only” for Book Editor, Prototype 1, and Prototype on the Edit Form.  Put text on the Edit Form to contact the Secretariat for Resource Changes.  The Secretariat would then get approval from the new CMC Rep to confirm.



Brian Oliver
CCSDS IT Tech Support


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