[CESG] Comment on the CSS Area portion of the CCSDS strategic plan

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Thanks for the feedback.

I’d like to leave ‘applications’ in the third SIS goal, at least for the moment.  We’ve got the Voice and Motion Imaging WGs finishing up their work, and SIS is also home to things like CFDP and AMS.  I do agree that MOIMS owns at least a large piece of the ‘applications’ space within CCSDS and it is NOT SIS’ intent to pursue application development where such applications can be taken on by other areas (e.g. MOIMS, SOIS, CSS).

You also replaced ‘MOIMS applications over SIS internetworks’ with ‘MOIMS data and services over SIS internetworks’.  I’m fine with that but I thought there was an advantage (in promoting the SIS view of the world, at least) to ‘applications’ there as it reinforced the notion that SIS was doing internetwork stuff and the things running OVER the internetwork were applications.  Regardless of the language, this (apps over network) is the view SIS would like to promote.  Are you strongly in favor of the ‘data and services’ language?  Is there a reason for your suggested change that I’m missing?



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Hi Keith,

my comments embedded. Please note that for some reason, Word has decided to use the same colour (red) for both your and my changes, at least on my computer. I've unsuccessfully tried to change it.



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Proposed changes to the SIS Strategic Plan attached as a Word Document with Track Changes on.


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