[CESG] Meetings during London venue to discuss the overlaps

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Has an ESA RID on this been filed?

The CSS Area typically has at least one area level teleconference prior to the workshops to coordinate its calendar re inter-work group meetings. We will likely have that done by the end of the month or by 1st week of October at the latest.   I believe we should be able to identify a time on Thur or Fri of the technical meetings week for a discussion. In the meantime if you (or Margherita) have any RIDS to forward in this regard that will be appreciated.

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Dear all,

SEA, CSS and MOIMS (and SIS for the long term) need to get together to discuss the overlaps during the :London venue

I believe some of them can be addressed when CSTS WG is discussing with SM&C the issues raised during the FW Agency Review

@ Erik and Margherita: Do you have already a fixed date for the discussion?

I suggest to have an extra 1 or 2 hours on Thursday pm or Friday am to draw some conclusions and highlight the main issues to be presented to the CMC.


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