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Nasa comments to CESG questions
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This is an interesting response from NASA.

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Subject:        UPDATE: IOAG Action ID: 18a-03

Please do not reply to this email.

There has been an update to the following field(s):

Action: IOAG Delegates to
a) confirm or not whether the Forward File Service [CFFS] shall be able to 
request three types of processing to Agency B depending on file contents, 
b) if they would have relative priority.
The 3 types of processing are:
1. Being the file a collection of Space Packets, Agency B would extract 
those SP?s and transmit them over TC or AOS frames;
2. Being the file a collection of Encapsulation Packets, Agency B would 
extract those EP?s and transmit them over TC or AOS frames;
3. Being the file to be processed with CFDP, Agency B would generate the 
CFDP PDUS to be embedded either in SP?s or EP?s and transmit them over TC 
or AOS frames. 

Due Date: 6/20/2014 12:00:00 AM
Comments: a)  Only Type 3 of processing is needed.  Rationales: The IOAG 
should not even consider any file structures different from the one 
already standardized, I.e.,  by the CFDP standard.  More standards for 
files only defeat the purpose of of interoperability and cross support.
NASA's response to AI 18-01, provided previously to the IOAG emphasizes 
that, for inter-agency cross support at file level, we only need files, 
transferred over space links, based on the CFDP file structure.  That is 
the standard file structure currently defined by the CCSDS CFDP.  Given 
the CFDP-compliant file structure for file transfer over space link, we 
will only need the CSTS Transfer File Service [CFXS], instead of three new 
standards, for ground-to-ground interface.

b) Relative priority: For CSTS Transfer File Service, the priority is 2.

Modified By: Dave Israel 

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