[CESG] Fw: CCSDS meeting on 7/8/9 April 2014.

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From:   Roger Jegou/estec/ESA
To:     Nestor Peccia/esoc/ESA at ESA, Nick Tongson <NickT at aiaa.org>, 
Cc:     Evelyne Cheroux/estec/ESA at ESA, Juan Miro/esoc/ESA at ESA
Date:   20/03/2014 18:12
Subject:        CCSDS meeting on 7/8/9 April 2014.

Dear Nick and Nestor,

Following meeting with NH yesterday, I confirm that the CCSDS meetings on 
the second week will be at ESTEC:

CCSDS Engineering Steering Group joint meeting with CCSDS council:  7/8 
April in Dance room of Escape
The same room  will be used in the afternoon for the CCSDS presentation to 
ESTEC staff.

ISO TC/20 subcommittee 13 meeting: Tuesday 8th Afternoon will take place 
in room EL506

CCSDS management council meeting Wednesday 9 April will take place in 

Nestor I need you to sent me urgently the information for the announcement 
in the ESTEC Intranet of the CCSDS presentation as discussed yesterday 
(Exact name of the presentation, Short abstract introducing the subject, 
name and profile of the presenters) planning of the presentation.

A social event will be organised  in the evening of the 8th April at the 
ESTEC Cantine from 17h00 till 19h00.

Best regards


Head of Requirements, Standards and Engineering Knowledge Division

Tel:          +31 715653483 
Mobile phone: +31 611126680 
E-mail:       roger.jegou at esa.int 
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