[CESG] Additional item for CESG Agenda on 4th April 2014

Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Fri Mar 14 10:56:20 EST 2014

Dear all,

I got the following input from Mike Kearney, and I feel we need to have a 
discussion at CESG level

Questions for the CESG to answer: 
Do we need a CESG forum + WG forum ? or only WGs Forums? or also Area 
Forums ?
CESG Chairs opinion: 
The Wiki is really a good vehicle for the CCSDS to communicate with 
outside world. We think CESG should support it

Background from Mike:
As part of the Wiki, the Secretariat is developing a forum so that outside 
users (our mission customers) can come to a place to get CCSDS tech 
support from our experts (the technical working groups). This will require 
our WGs to ?moderate? the forum. When a message comes in saying ?I can?t 
figure out what this statement means in your blue book? the WG chair (or a 
designated moderator from the WG) will check the forum periodically (or 
get alerts when messages come in) and either respond or find someone else 
in the WG to respond. 

Does CESG  want its owned forum? Two possible reasons? Mission customers 
want to address a question to technical management (?Why did you organize 
the areas this way??) or they have a question that they can?t figure out 
which Working Group to address it to. 
However it would require the CESG Chairs (or someone else they designate) 
to moderate the forum. If on the other hand you don?t want technical 
management questions, we can drop the CESG forum and have only forums for 
technical WGs. And we can have a special forum for ?can?t figure out which 
WG for this question?, that the Secretariat will monitor and forward. 

There will probably not be much email traffic on the forums, and certainly 
not at the start. 
If forum traffic builds up to a large amount, that is a great problem to 
have. It means missions are using your standards. 
In this age of social media, surely you can find someone in your working 
group that loves these forums and will volunteer to moderate. 

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