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After having seen the other comments, DLR wants to go with solution 2. We should arrange a discussion in the next CMC meeting.
We have some concerns on the proposed changes for the SEA, SIS items. But it makes no sense to discuss it without SEA and SIS people. And at least from the Gian-Paolo mail, it seemed that there are more comments from the area managers, which should be discussed with them.

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Dear CMC Members:

The recent joint CESG/CMC polls to approve release of CCSDS A02.1-Y-4, Organization and Processes for the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (Yellow Book, Issue 4) closed with conditions.

While it is possible to devote valuable agenda time at the next CMC meeting to discussion of these conditions, I have nevertheless proposed dispositions that could allow release of the document prior to the meeting (see attached file).

The CESG members who voted for conditional approval have already agreed to the proposed dispositions. If the CMC members who voted to adopt provisionally were to agree to the proposed dispositions of both the CMC provisions and CESG conditions, there would be no need to add an agenda item to the upcoming meeting to resolve the issues.

Therefore the CMC members who voted to adopt provisionally, i.e., the CNES, DLR, ESA, and JAXA delegates, should "reply all" to this e-mail to indicated one of the following options:

1) the proposed dispositions are acceptable, and release of the document should proceed; or

2) the proposed dispositions are NOT acceptable and release of the document should be delayed until after discussions take place at the upcoming CMC meeting.

Other CMC members should respond only if they object to releasing the document prior to the meetings.

Best regards,
Tom Gannett
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