[CESG] Re: [CMC Alert] Proposed Disposition of Poll Conditions

Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Wed Feb 26 19:50:23 EST 2014


I believe that there exists a problem in the way you recommend to follow, 
in order to save Agenda time in the next physical meeting.

You have discussed and agreed YB  text modifications to satisfy ADs / CMC 
members' conditions without seeking prior consensus at CESG level, 
As CESG Chair, I do not fully agree with some of your (and some ADs) 
suggestions. Even if (according to your new text) the CESG chair has no 
vote possibility, as MOIMS AD I have approved an YB, that now has been 
changed and is seeking approval without re-polling. If a new poll is 
issued, I will have the possibility to set my conditions to your new 
proposed text.
I do not agree that the CESG Chairs do not vote. It is not usual, but it 
has happen in the past. This is the reason why we have the option "other" 
in the CESG poll. It is there to be used in atypical situations as the 
"last" solution. In case the CESG Chairs could not vote, I would like to 
have a discussion about the inclusion of a "veto" option after a CESG 
CMC conditions and its related changes needs to be discussed also at CESG 
level. I have some observations on your recommendations.

I firmly believe that we need to discuss these issues during the CESG / 
CMC meeting.

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