[CESG] CMC comments to CCSDS Strategic Plan

Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Sun Feb 9 12:18:06 EST 2014


The approach to follow is the "latter"in your mail.

The strategic plan should contain prospects of work on a 5+ (2020) 
horizon; these are topics of standardisation (not necessarily documents). 
It is not expected that today these items are in the CWE nor have a CCSDS 
approved number since the strategic plan is not a workplan; if in the 
future the strategic plan is extracted from the CWE, the information needs 
to be there but then there should be a category of projects introduced as 
tentative or prospect.

The question refers probably t the fact that in the CWE there are 
documents witj approved numbers and others without. It should be made 
clear what it means in terms f approval and availability of resources.This 
was discussed at the CMC and it was decided to add a flag to the CWE 
indicating what documents are approved with resources and which are not.

Please include first your proposed long term Projects in the blue 
highlighted text appended after each SEA Goal. 

Once the Strategic Plan is agreed with the cMC, we will see how to 


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