[CESG] CMC comments to CCSDS Strategic Plan

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  *   Service Management goals defined in the long term, but no approved documents

I believe CMC has in fact approved three projects.

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SLS and MOIMS updated sections are the only ones received

Dear all,

Please find attached the marked-up Strategic Plan with the CMC compiled comments.

Schedule is as follows:

  *   AD to deliver  to Nestor its related updated section by end January 2014
  *   Nestor to deliver new version of the first sections of the Plan (Page 1 - 10) by end Jan 2014
  *   New version of Strategic Plan to CESG for review by mid Feb 2014
  *   Last comments from CESG on 24th Feb 2014
  *   Issue of Strategic Plan Issue 1 to CMC by end February 2014 (1 month prior to next CCSDS technical meeting)

The first file contains all the CMC comments and the second includes the comments in the doc.

[attachment "CCSDS Strat Plan Compilation of Comments - Dec 2013.doc" deleted by Nestor Peccia/esoc/ESA] [attachment "CCSDS-StratPlan-A01x1y1x1-d11v0-5Dec13-CompCmts.docx" deleted by Nestor Peccia/esoc/ESA]

In addition, Juan Miro has prepared a presentation (attached below)
[attachment "CCSDS Strategic Roadmap 131210 rev1.pptx" deleted by Nestor Peccia/esoc/ESA]

with comments per area, shown below and for your consideration. One of the main point of discussion at CMC was:

  *   AD to state either that the Area has no long term objectives (2018-2020+) and once the work is completed the Area will be closed. or to include the missing long term objectives in the Plan


  *   SEA plan of work does not seem to contain approved documents (documents in CWE but number missing)
  *   SEA midterm focus is timeline exchange
  *   SEA long term plan is to standardise time services; this was discussed a long time ago in CMC but not approved; is it still a valid prospect?


  *   MOIMS Goal 1 "Spacecraft Conjunction Data Exchange" and Goal 5 "Digital Repository Criteria" have no on-going nor future work planned
  *   Mid-term objectives (2017-2018) only for MO services
  *   No long terms objectives (2019-2010) defined
  *   Workplan for Tele-robotics is yet to be defined


  *   Service Management goals defined in the long term, but no approved documents
  *   Generic File Transfer is missing from the Strategic Plan although a BoF has been established and concept paper is being elaborated


  *   Only short term (2014-2015) workplan defined


  *   RF&M: short and mid-term plan are defined
  *   Coding schemes and synchronisation short, mid and long-term plans identified
  *   Space Data Link protocols workplan to be elaborated between 204 and 2018
  *   Data compression and Space Data link security workplans only cover the short term
  *   Optical comms workplan is the only goal covering the long term


  *   SIS Goal 1 "Use of Internet standards" has no associated workplan
  *   No goal covers the long term (beyond 2017


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