[CESG] ICPA Update - Second step: Update on-going Projects in the CWE

Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Wed Nov 27 11:09:44 EST 2013

Dear all

The ICPA will be updated during Nov / Dec 2013 in 3 steps

Step 1: Remove publish docs. (already requested to Brian)
Step 2: Update schedule of "on-going projects". To be updated by ADs / WG 
Chairs in CWE Projects. To be checked by Wallace and Nestor in the ICPA 
(This mail)
Step 3: Once CMC Project approval polls are finished, ADs / WG Chairs to 
update in CWE Projects. To be checked by Wallace and Nestor in the ICPA

This will allow us to have an updated ICPA to be delivered toIOAG before 
end 13, in order to discuss it during IOAG-18 meeting (10th - 14th Feb 

Please update the following schedules

Book                                   WG                Type    Nr CMC 
Monitored Data - CSTS        3.06 CSTS WG  Blue           922.1 7/30/2014  
                   Margherita / Erik
SDL Security Protocol          5.09 SDLS WG   Blue           355.0 
12/18/2013                     Gilles / Gippo
BP for CCSDS                         6.09 DTN WG     Blue           734.2  
  9/30/2013                      Keith / Dai
LTP for CCSDS                       6.09 DTN WG     Blue           734.1   
 2/1/2014                      Keith / Dai
SSI Architecture Doc             6.09 DTN  WG    Green        730.1 
4/1/2013                      Peter / Keith
CFDP over Encapsulation   6.11 CFDP WG  Magenta   722.1     9/30/2013      
 Keith / Dai

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