[CESG] Questions about optical communications WG formation

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I agree that there needs to be a more thorough treatment of how all of these protocol features fit together and how they interact with other leyrs of CCSDS.  A part of this could be expressed by working with the other Wgs and providing requirements to them.  I agree that is all appropriate in the context of the concept paper andin the Green Book.

The glossary and terminology is a big deal and it does need to be accomodated in the SANA. The normal way to do this is to have the Blue Book define any new terms and to use that as the source of glossary updates.

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Before launching a bunch of proposed conditions into the SIS response to the optical comm wg poll, I’d like to get the opinion of other CESG members about my concerns.  My intent here is not to subvert the voting process but rather to attempt to prompt more dialog / discussion among the CESG before the proposed WG gets a bunch of uncoordinated responses.

If you don’t like this idea and/or haven’t looked at the poll yet and don’t want your thought process to be polluted by my opinions before reading the concept paper for yourself (entirely understandable) – delete this message now and DO NOT read further.

That said, my concerns about the proposed working group are:

1.    I think the proposed ‘Green Book for optical communications physical layer, coding and synchronization sublayer’ should cover all of the protocol-related standards they mention at the top of the document (modulation, coding, interleaving, synchronization, acquisition), and I think it should be done FIRST, as a requirements and rationale document, BEFORE the Blue Books are done.  If they want to do some sort of ‘implementers’ guide’ to the protocol implementations afterwards, that would be fine too.

2.    They want to produce a separate Green Book for optical communications concepts and terminologies.  I think that unless there’s way more to this than it sounds like, that these could be incorporated into ‘the standard’ CCSDS glossary or, better yet, injected into the CCSDS Glossary that is maintained by SANA (http://sanaregistry.org/r/glossary/glossary.html) – a whole book for this seems like overkill AND like it’ll end up segregating their definitions off to somewhere where many people won’t think to look.



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