[CESG] CWE Project resource Status

Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Wed Nov 20 10:07:13 EST 2013

Dear CMC members

I would like to bring to your attention (3 weeks prior to the CMC meeting 
and being one Agenda item ) the following issues on the CWE Project 
resources. I, as CESG Chair, am concerned about these essential missing 
resources. I hope that the CMC Agency representatives can confirm them 
prior or during the meeting.


Approved Projects with still missing resource confirmation

Project Title                                                   Charter 
Doc     Doc Nr Sched Pub        Editor  Proto 1  Proto 2 
CCSDS Symmetric Key Management Recommendations  1.02 Sec WG     Blue 
12/30/2016      ESA     TBD     TBD
Symmetric Key Management Rationale                              1.02 Sec 
WG      Green           2/6/2017        ESA?       ---     ---
Network Layer Security Adaptation Profile                       1.02 Sec 
WG      Blue            2/18/2015       NASA    TBD     TBD 
Control Authority Data Structures - XML Format 2.01 DAI WG      Blue 
12/30/2015      NASA    NASA    TBD **
DEDSL - XML Schema                                              2.01 DAI 
WG      Blue            6/30/2016       TBD     TBD     TBD **
Navigation Hardware Message                             2.02 Nav WG Blue 
510.0   12/17/2016      NASA    NASA    TBD 
Pointing Requests Message                                       2.02 Nav 
WG      Blue    509.0   9/17/2015       ESA     ESA     TBD 
Spacecraft Maneuver Message (SMM)                               2.02 Nav 
WG      Blue    511.0   10/15/2016      NASA    NASA    TBD
Telerobotic Standard (Blue Book)                                2.06 Tel 
WG      Blue            4/2/2016        NASA    NASA    TBD
Tracking Data Cross support Transfer Service                    3.06 CSTS 
WG      Blue    922.2   9/30/2015       NASA    TBD     TBD 
SDLS protocol : extended procedures                             5.09 SDLS 
WG      Blue            6/18/2015       NASA    CNES    TBD 
SDLS Protocol                                                   5.09 SDLS 
WG      Blue    355.0   12/18/2013      NASA    CNES    TBD 
BP Network Management                                   6.09 DTN WG Blue 
734.n   3/31/2016       TBD     TBD     TBD 
CFDP-over-BP Pink Sheet                                         6.09 DTN 
WG      Blue            8/29/2014       NASA    TBD     TBD 
CFDP Update -- Blue Book                                        6.12 CFDP 
WG      Blue            5/1/2016        NASA    NASA    TBD  
** Projects to be reviewed once new DAI WG Chair nominated

New Projects under CMC approval (on-going poll) with resources to be 

Delta-DOR operations - Issue 2                                  1.06 DDOR 
WG      Mag     506.0   12/31/2015      ESA        ---    ---
Delta-DOR Quasar Catalogue development                          1.06 DDOR 
WG      Mag             8/31/2016       NASA       ---    ---
Delta-DOR technical Characteristics and performance - Issue 2   1.06 DDOR 
WG      Green   500.1   10/31/2016      NASA       ---    ---
CSSM  Simple Schedule Format Specification                      3.08 CSSM 
WG      Blue            12/15/2014      ESA     DLR     NASA 
CSSM: Planning Data Formats                                     3.08 CSSM 
WG      Blue            3/30/2016       ESA     NASA    ESA 
Extensible SCCS SM -- Concept                           3.08 CSSM WG Green 
                3/31/2014       NASA       ---    ---
Spectral Pre-Processing Transform for MHDC                      5.03 MHDC 
WG      Blue    122.1   1/1/2016        NASA    CNES    NASA 

Future new Projects approved at CESG level from IOAG/IOP-3 Communique
Recommendation on 26 GHz modulation is expected by mid 2015. 
Magenta Book on VCM is expected by end 2015. 
Magenta Book on ACM is expected by end 2017. 
Blue Book for Optical Communications Physical Layer is expected by end 
Blue Book for Optical Communications Coding & Synchronization  is expected 
by end 2016
Green Book for Optical communications concepts and terminologies is 
expected by end 2015 
Green Book for Real-Time Weather and Atmospheric Characterization Data  is 
expected by end 2015
Tracking Data Message (TDM) 5 Year Review                       2.02 Nav 
WG      Blue    503.0   12/30/2016      NASA    TBD     TBD * 
* CMC Poll requested

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