[Secretariat] [CESG] CCSDS Strategic Plan Draft 11

Kearney, Mike W. (MSFC-EO01) mike.kearney at nasa.gov
Wed Nov 13 14:13:16 EST 2013

Dear CMC colleagues:  To support Nestor's request for integrated CMC inputs, please send your comments (document redlines with "track changes", etc) to Nick Tongson.  Please support this schedule:

11/29 (Friday), Comments due to Nick from CMC delegates
12/3 (Tuesday), Integrated version provided from Nick to CMC and CESG

This will allow a good discussion at the CMC meeting.

   -=- Mike

Mike Kearney
Lead Technology Manager
Mission Operations Laboratory

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Dear CMC members

After several iterations, the CESG is now in a position to deliver an updated version of the CCSDS Strategic Plan (Draft 11) (see attachment below)

CESG will present the main changes introduced in this Plan at the next CMC meeting at Montreal (9th - 11th Dec 2013).

We will appreciate a set of CMC consolidated comments, if possible before the CMC venue. This is the reason of distributing the Plan 1 month prior to the meeting.

CMC needs to consider the following when reviewing the doc.:

  *   Your first reaction will be that it is not only a Strategic Plan because it also includes references to all books produced in the past (i.e. published MBs / BBs and some GBs), books currently in production and books not yet in the CWE.
  *   The final goal is to include the Strategic Plan in the CWE (as many Standards Organizations do), using the existing web site and augmented materials linked via hyperlinks
e.g. .showing charter, ops concept, objective, the mapping between CCSDS Technical Strategic Goals, Area goals/sub-goals and existing / at work / future recommended standards and practices (including the associated products / works / cross support and interoperability capabilities).
        CCSDS Charter                        Update existing text in CWE
        CCSDS Operating Concept         New and hiperlinked to previous
        CCSDS Target Missions        ditto
        CCSDS Objective                ditto
        CCSDS Goals                        ditto
        CCSDS Standard. Concept        ditto
        High level goals                ditto

The Area objectives and goals (e.g. Section 1.1 for SEA) can be included in the corresponding CWE SEA section. It can be linked backwards to the related CCSDS high level goals and forward to the different WGs
The WG objectives and goals can be included in the corresponding CWE SEA WG section and linked backwards to the Area goals and forward to the suite of standards

The document also indicates (highlighted in blue) for every Area / WG goal the following details (to be referenced via hyperlinks in the CWE):

Related CCSDS Technical Strategic Goals: 1, 6
Existing Informational Reports
*        CCSDS 350.0-G-2 The Application of CCSDS Protocols to Secure Systems.
*        CCSDS 350.4-G-1 CCSDS Guide for Secure System Interconnection.
*        CCSDS 350.7-G-1 Security Guide for Mission Planners.
Existing Recommended Standards / Practices
*        CCSDS 352.0-B-1 Crytographic Algorithms
*        CCSDS 311.0-M-1 Reference Architecture for Space Data Systems
*        CCSDS 351.0-M-1 Security Architecture for Space Data Systems
Recommended Standards / Practices Currently in Production
*        CWE Doc. tbd Network Layer Security Adaptation Profile
Milestone ID: MIL-SEA-101                Completion Date: 2015
*        CWE Doc. tbd Symmetric Key Management Recommendations
Milestone ID: MIL-SEA-102                Completion Date: 2016
Future Work
*        None identified

Note: It is clear that this type of information is not part of the Strategy, but it is given for the sake of completeness,
 A potential graphical roadmap form showing the current / future milestones will be discussed later (it could be easily implemented as a report utility)
In order to achieve this, CESG proposes to have 2 classes of projects:

     *   Active (with resources identified)

     *   Inactive (they are long term and included for the sake of strategic completeness)
CESG recommendation is that every goal is linked to existing published docs and CWE Projects

For the sake of completeness, the document contains the references to the whole list of CCSDS published BBs (53) / MBs (28); and 70 out of the 100 Projects currently existing in the CWE. The process has been very useful to discover some issues

     *   There are some inconsistencies between CWE Project titles and the current book names (BB and MB to be updated).

     *   There are inconsistent approaches between WGs (Some include in their Charters a full set of BB/MB/GB  covering a long period in the future, others not). In order to have the full roadmap in the CWE we need also to include the planned books for the next 7-10 years. The notion of active / non-active CWE Projects have to be discussed.

  *   GBs supporting a BB / MB are not included, but stand-alone GBs serving its own purpose are included

  *   Two important subjects are not yet addressed in the Plan, namely Promotion of CCSDS standards and outreach

  *   The CWE will also show the tactical Plan (i.e.Charters, Projects, Resources, Schedule)

  *   Interdependencies between WGs and Projects are not shown (too cumbersome)


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