[CESG] First Draft of CCSDS Response to IOAG/IOP-3 Communique

Nestor.Peccia at esa.int Nestor.Peccia at esa.int
Mon Nov 11 10:51:23 EST 2013

Dear all,

Please find below the very 1st draft of the CCSDS Response to IOAG/IOP-3 

Please comments by Monday 18th Nov cob at the latest. I will then include 
the text in our CESG Report to CMC


From:   CESG Chairs (N. Peccia, W. Tai). CCSDS Liaison to IOAG
To:             IOAG

Ref:            CCSDS Response to IOAG/IOP-3 Communique

The CCSDS Engineering Steering Group (CESG) convened several technical 
working  groups during the CCSDS Fall 2013 meeting in San Antonio, Texas, 
USA to examine the IOAG/IOP-3  requests in detail. 

The CESG formulated a recommended technical approach that was reported to 
the CCSDS Management Council (CMC) on 10th December 2013. The CMC then 
reconciled that approach with CCSDS agency priorities and available 
resources and formulated the attached resolution.

The CCSDS is adjusting its work program to be in accordance with the 
attached resolution. We would therefore request confirmation of this CCSDS 
Resolution from the IOAG by 28 Feb 2014.

The CCSDS places high value on our communication with the IOAG, in 
particular on strategically stage interoperable capabilities for the next 
generation of spaceflight missions. We thank you for working with us, and 
we look forward to our further cooperation between the two organizations.

In regard to the work of the Low Earth Orbit 26 GHz Study Group (LEO26SG):
The IOP-3 Communiqué on LEO26SG has been considered by the RFM (Radio 
Frequency and Modulation) and C&S (Coding & Synchronisation) WGs with the 
following planning:
·       Recommendation on 26 GHz modulation is expected by mid 2015. 
·       Magenta Book on VCM is expected by end 2015. 
·       Magenta Book on ACM is expected by end 2017. 
VCM/ACM milestones are subject to CMC Approval.

In regard to the work of the Optical Links Study Group (OLSG):
The IOP-3 Communique on OLSG Report has been considered as input to OCM 
BOF that resulted in the proposal to create an Optical Communications WG. 
The SLS-OPT WG Charter and Concept paper include the schedule that may be 
submitted to IOAG for information. Resource requirements and candidate 
agencies have been identified and are subject to CMC approval.
The main Projetcs of the Optical WG are as follows:
·       Blue Book for Optical Communications Physical Layer is expected by 
end 2016
·       Blue Book for Optical Communications Coding & Synchronization  is 
expected by end 2016
·       Green Book for Optical communications concepts and terminologies 
·       Green Book for Real-Time Weather and Atmospheric Characterization 
Data  is expected by end 2015

In regard to the work of the Mission Operations Systems Coordination Group 
CCSDS concurs with the addition of Mission Operations (MO) Services to the 
IOAG charter and the creation of the MO Systems Strategy Group (MOSSG).
CCSDS also concurs with the tasks assigned to the MOSSG
, namely:
·       Produce a report on Mission Operations 
·       Generate a Service Catalog 3
·       Deliver priorities to CCSDS to help guide their work

CCSDS notes that the SM&C (Spacecraft Monitoring & Control) WG has already 
completed all the work planned for the MO framework, namely
·       MO Reference Model (Magenta Book)
·       MO Message Abstraction Layer (MAL)
·       MO MAL ? Java API (Blue Book)
·       MO Common Object Model (Blue Book)

CCSDS is expecting a first draft of Service Catalogue 3 with its 
associated priorities by end 2014. 

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